Impulse Buyer

One coping mechanism the I have developed for my abusive work schedule is impulse buying. For the most part, I try to buy things for a purpose. The pin I bought that reads “unfriend a racist,” not only has a message I can stand by, but also supports a small business. My new skirt for my wrap party was much more expensive than I would usually spend, but it is hand-made with quality material a great craftmanship. With an Amazon Prime account, if I think of something that I may need in the future, I buy it; a new filter for my shower, a new kind of coffee maker, suet cakes for my bird feeder. I can, and probably should, live without all of these things (except the shower filter). I know that I would have more money to extend my “between shows” money for paying bills, adventuring, etc. But being able to get things helps me justify my long hours of hard work. I talk to my co-workers and we all have our little addictions that help get us through.

I may have overdone it this weekend, however. We only have 2 weeks left until wrap, so I figured this would be a perfect time to order some baby chickens. I impulse bought 15 baby chickens. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice variety of chickens, chosen for their egg color, size, attractiveness, and availability. Right now all I’m thinking is, 15 chickens is a lot of chickens. The plan is not to keep them all. I did order some broilers, but 15 chicks is a lot of chicks. They will hatch tomorrow and be shipped to my neighbor, Cindy, right away. Cindy works mostly from home, so she will be able to pick up the live chicks from the post office. See, I’m currently working too much to be able to do this myself. What was I thinking.

Its gonna be alright. Its gonna be fine. Maybe I’ll have a too cute for words photo shoot with my 15 adorable chicks and my new expensive skirt.

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