A Little Writer’s Block

Well, I’d hardly call myself a “Writer,” but it seems that I am experiencing a bit of writer’s block. I have set this flexible goal for myself, but it is harder and harder to follow through. I guess I could just write a little about my day yesterday? Auntie Beth and I headed out of Black Mountain to do a little shopping and run some errands. I got myself a pair of water and wind resistant pants at REI. Auntie Beth suggested we have lunch at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. It’s only a year of two old and I haven’t been to check it out yet. That place is HUGE, but done in a very tasteful way. I got one of their collaboration beers, Campout Porter, because I reminded me of Casey and Shadoe’s pictures of their honeymoon. (They visited New Zealand and made their way the quite a few breweries… including Garage Project brewery). Good beer and good food too. Who know you could get a good curry at a brewery in the mountains of western Carolina.

I got my new favorite frames repaired at Tunnel Vision. The lady there was just incredibly nice. I brought in the antique/retro frames that I got from my neighbor, Cindy. I was just expecting to price out the cost of fixiting up the glasses. Instead, She replaced the nose pads and tightened the “wingy” parts on the sides. (For some reason I want to call them the legs, but I’m totally making that part up). She also gave me some advice for cleaning the grime off and what I’ll need to do to get some lenses put in. All of this for FREE. What a lovely shock in this day and age.

We did a little shopping at Whole Foods and headed home. I watched 2 episodes of my current British Binge Series, Grantcheser. (It’s not the best, or the worst of the British TV shows I have watched, but there is some SERIOUS eye candy on this show!) Sidney is a vicor that helps the local police solve murders… as you would expect. I’ve just about made it halfway through season 2, which in British TV shows means I’ve seen about 9 episodes. Season 3 is currently featured on PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery.

Tracker, Zeva and I went for a nice little 2 mile walk, after Grantchester (round 1). I was a warmer day yesterday, but there is plenty of shade here in the mountains. Auntie Beth had started dinner when we got home. We ate on the porch, cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for Grantchester (round 2). 

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