Oh No

What happened?!?! Yesterday I spent sooooo much time writing about how I came up with my domain name. Way more then the 15 minute minimum. I wrote paragraphs. Then, when I uploaded the picture (because every post must have a picture), there was some sort of technical sabotage. The whole post just went away… but the picture uploaded. It’s all a huge mystery to me that I’m sure I brought on myself. Either way I have a decision to make today. Do I use today’s time to just re-write the post? Should I just be personally satisfied that I completed the exercise? Do I double up today or some future day and re-write the post and then add a new one? So many options.

I guess I have to think about the purpose of this site. I want it to be a place where I can hold myself accountable for writing everyday (I am aware that I have missed a few days). I want it to be a place where I can share some things about myself (not just a place for complaining). I want it to be a place where writing does not trigger my fight or flight response. I want a space where I can say things and those things exhist(?). I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but it the best one I have right now. I don’t really NEED anyone to read it. I just want to know that someone can. (This is not some sort of friendship test or anything). I’ve only told a few people about this site because it really is just an exercise right now.

So, that’s my motivation. I did the exercise ✔️.  I did tell a story about a part of my life ✔️(with minimal complaining). My anxiety level remained within my “zone of tolerance” (that’s for you, Stephanie)✔️. So the only purpose that is not fulfilled, is that it has now disappeared… no one can find it (I’m the only one that looked, but I’m pretty sure of my technical incompetence). That means that a re-write is in order, but not today. Here’s an official IOU – I owe this site an explaination of its name. I promise myself that I will re-visit the topic in the future. 

Now… for the picture…

(Notice that he’s peeing with his tongue out)

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