Just Do It Already

There are so many things that I’ve been putting off for so long… not even counting major household repairs. In fact, it almost feels like there’s so many little things that there’s almost no point in starting, cause where do you start. Should a deep clean the kitchen drain thingy? Or wash the shower curtain? Re-start my Pilates routine? Or build that work table for the nap room? Maybe I should start by making a list, but the whiteboard is in the nap room and I haven’t found a good place to keep it yet. I know that I respond best to lists that are large, easily modified, and color coded. So the first item on the blue lists of projects should be, find a home for the whiteboard. Maybe I should get rid of that twin bed.

This is how my brain is bouncing around these days… I get in the shower and try to not touch the curtain that has developed is own fragrant ecosystem of (most likely) protists. By the time I’m out of the shower and dressed, I’ve forgotten about the curtain because I’m now focused on the fact that I forgot to cut my hair before the shower (remember for tomorrow). Oh crap, it’s raining and I’m going to be late for my appointment now. Ah, it’s that noise in my truck that I’m sure is just some sort of loose heat shield (maybe I should stop by and have Chris try to listen for me). Dang it, I rushed to my appointment and left the stretching DVD that Joan let me borrow and only took me 3 months to remember to watch… and that’s just about a 90 min glimpse of my day today.

Here’s what I know, tomorrow I’m going to find a place to keep my whiteboard, so I can start those lists: Quick Fixes, Projects, Longterm/Ongoing, Business. I will probably try to do that after my morning yoga and walk with Tracker, but before my haircut??? Unless something else comes up.

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